SmartCoDe Expert Cooperation Workshop 2011 - Proceedings now available for download

2011-10-12 in Vienna, Austria

The 2nd SmartCoDe Open Expert Cooperation Workshop has been held on October 12, 2011 at the Hotel Westbahnhof in Vienna, Austria.

Please find the full SmartCoDe Workshop Proceedings available for download at the bottom of this page.

 The objective of the workshop was to communicate and discuss the SmartCoDe project’s status and progress, particularly:

  • The implementation of intelligent energy management methods that enable automatic matching of energy consumption with the available energy supply by reducing energy consumption or switching it between different supplies, both small- and large-scale.
  • The development of highly sophisticated renewable energy forecasting methods, for small-scale generation.

In addition to the project partner presentations – please see the complete agenda below – invited papers have been presented by:

  • Prof. Dr. Hermanns of Saarland University: Energy Forecasting
  • Dr. Djokic of the University of Edinburgh: Energy Management
  • Antonio Barona of Solintel: Building Management Optimisation

Renewable Energy Imperatives

Events in the year since the last SmartCoDe Expert Cooperation Workshop on Energy Efficiency have further emphasized the urgent need to replace traditional energy with renewable energy. However, the issue is not a purely fossil fuel problem. Certainly, carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel power plants remain one of the major problems. But the catastrophic Fukushima incident is a reminder that carbon dioxide is not the only concern – we must prepare for the replacement of nuclear energy. If decisions to eventually discontinue nuclear energy generation are not to lead to even greater consumption of fossil fuels, we must dramatically accelerate our development and deployment of renewable energy sources. Failure is not an option.

The shift to renewable energy sources presents us with two fundamental imperatives:

  • We must take measures to manage the volatility and unpredictability inherent to almost all major renewable energy sources.
  • We must match our future energy consumption to the available supply of (renewable) energy, and not vice versa as it is today.

In addition, we must enable intelligent (“smart”) energy nets that allow distributed energy generation and storage, and we must devise efficient energy storage methods, such as pump storage, power-to-gas, batteries, and so on.

SmartCoDe Tackles the Imperatives

The SmartCoDE project focuses on the two imperatives. So what is the status of the project? Much work has been done already – and is ongoing. For instance, the team has completed a board-level prototype of the SmartCoDe chip. The chip will enable communications and control between energy-using products (EuPs), for example, domestic appliances, and an energy management unit (EMU), enabling the latter to control the EuPs according to predefined requirements. Also, an initial version of the EMU software has already been developed.

Further, we have established the project’s demonstrator in a building in Austria (you can view the location via a webcam here). It has been equipped with a fully-functional EMU that runs the initial version of the new software, additional research equipment from our white-goods associated partner, a small-scale wind turbine to provide local energy generation, and a board-level prototype of the chip.

Kind regards

Peter Neumann
SmartCoDe Coordinator


StartDuration TitelSpeaker 
8:301:00 Registration / Coffee  
9:300:10edacentrum GmbHWelcomeP. Neumann / Dr. C. Pröfrock 
9:400:45The University of EdinburghEnergy Management in Households and Built Environments: Assessment of PV and Wind Micro-generation TechnologiesDr. S. DjokicInvited Paper
10:250:30Quiet Revolution Ltd.Wind Energy Forecasting for Distributed GenerationDr. T. BertényiProject Paper
10:550:30 Coffee Break  
11:250:30Saarland UniversityShort-term solar energy forecasting for network stabilityProf Dr. H. HermannsInvited Paper
11:550:30Vienna University of TechnologyCategorizing Energy using Products (EuPs) for partially decentralised Energy ManagementM. DammProject Paper
12:251:20 Lunch  
13:450:30Tridonic AGThe SmartCoDe Node Functional PrototypeE. HolleisProject Paper
14:150:30SolintelSounds for Energy-Efficient BuildingsA. BaronaInvited Paper
14:450:30 Coffee Break  
15:150:45University of Novi SadThe SmartCoDe Demonstrator - a testbed to evaluate energy managementProf. Dr. V. MalbasaProject Paper
16:000:30Infineon Technologies Austria AGSmartCoDe - System-in-Package ConsiderationsT. HerndlProject Paper
16:300:10Closing Words Dr. C. Pröfrock 
16:40 End   


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