The SmartCoDe Demonstrator - a testbed to evaluate energy management

Author(s):  Malbasa, Veljko;

In order to show the feasibility of SmartCoDe approach and to measure and validate the estimated impact of intelligent energy management methods, a demonstrator has been installed at the Buchberg site and complemented with the Almersberg site, both near Vienna, Austria. The demonstrator will combine basic energy management and control functionalities with local energy production by renewable energies and energy using products as for example household appliances including various lighting systems.
The  demonstrator will be used to get practical experience on the usability of the approach in a “real-world scenario” that embraces regenerative energies and local energy management. The experiences to be gained from the demonstrator include evaluation of dependability of communication between nodes in wireless network, validation of models and simulation results and use of feedback for future improvements.
In this presentation we give overview of the demonstrator and description of the sites, demonstrator structure, installed equipment and measurement channels. We also present methodology for calculation of energy production, consumption and savings, based on the data measured at the demonstrator and explain how the impact of the project will be assessed. 

Publication Date:  2011/10/12
Location of Publication:  2nd SmartCoDe Expert Cooperation Workshop 2011, Vienna
Keyword(s):  Renewable Energies; Energy Efficiency; Energy Management;