Categorizing Energy using Products (EuPs) for partially decentralised Energy Management

Author(s):  Damm, Markus;

The general problem addressed in this talk is optimal utilisation of renewable energy resources by managing the demand of appliances in private neighbourhoods and small offices/businesses as it is done in the SmartCoDe project. The core idea is to use wireless sensor/actor nodes to control electrical appliances in a way that local renewable energy resources like wind energy and photovoltaics are maximally exploited. Forecasts for the local renewable energy production are pre-processed by a central energy management unit which generates abstract cost functions. These cost functions might capture also other aspects like tariffs or load forecasts, and are then issued through the wireless network. The final decision making is then shifted to the sensor/actor nodes, and is based on these cost functions as well as the class of the appliance which is controlled. To this end, a classification of electrical appliances is presented which is suitable for the application scenario, and it is discussed how each class can be handled regarding energy management.


Publication Date:  2011/10/12
Location of Publication:  SmartCoDe ECWS 2, Vienna
Keyword(s):  Renewable Energies; Energy Efficiency; Energy Management;