SmartCoDe Expert Cooperation Workshop 2010 - Proceedings and Keynote Video now available here

2010-11-16 in Vienna, Austria

The world must de-carbonize its energy production and consumption. But how? How can we achieve the necessary improvements in energy efficiency? How can we give consumers more visibility and control over consumption? How can local – often, unpredictable – renewable energy sources schedule their output for maximum efficiency? How can we optimize the mix of local energy production and the main power grid for maximum efficiency? How do we manage energy consumption at the building level – and even at the level of individual home appliances and office equipment? Just how do we implement intelligent demand management and smart metering and protect them from malicious hack attacks? And how do we implement building-level energy storage?

This workshop discussed how. The workshop – the first of three between now and 2012 – is ideal for anyone who wants a better understanding of the technological and market requirements that affect these issues. It was given by industry experts and prestigious academics (see below) involved in the SmartCoDe project.

The full keynote video of Prof. Dr. Nakicenovic is now available online (click here).

The full workshop proceedings are available as pdf for download below.


StartDuration TitelSpeaker 
8:301:00 Registration / Coffee  
9:300:10edacentrum GmbHWelcomeP. Neumann / Dr. C. Hansen 
9:400:45Vienna University of TechnologyGlobal Energy Perspectives and the Role of New TechnologiesProf. Dr. N. NakicenovicKeynote
10:250:30Quiet Revolution Ltd.Energy Forecasting for Distributed Generation in Local Energy NeighbourhoodsDr. T. BertényiProject Paper
10:550:30 Coffee  
11:250:30Austrian Institute of TechnologyBuilding Simulation and ControlDr. G. ZuckerInvited Paper
11:550:30ennovatis GmbHSmart Energy ManagementProf. Dr. F. SchmidtProject Paper
12:251:20 Lunch / Coffee  
13:450:45Next EnergyElectric Energy Storage in Smart BuildingsDr.-Ing. B. LenzKeynote
14:300:30Ardaco, s.a.Security Considerations for SmartCoDe NetworkJ. HájekProject Paper
15:000:30 Coffee  
15:300:30Vienna University of TechnologyAn Architecture for Energy Management in Smart AppliancesProf. Dr. C. GrimmProject Paper
16:000:30Infineon Technologies Austria AGSmartCoDe - On the Way to a Miniaturised Wireless Sensor Node for Monitoring and Control of AppliancesT. HerndlProject Paper
16:300:10Closing Words Dr. C. Hansen 

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