Electric Energy Storage in Smart Buildings

Author(s):  Lenz, Bettina;

Distributed feed-in of renewable energy into the low-voltage-grid will increase significantly in the future. The grid-infrastructure already is at a stage where large investments are necessary to cope with this situation. The increase of the own-consumption in households is an obvious step for handling the situation, just recently the German “EEG” was adjusted according to that approach.

As energy storages are usually very cost-intensive devices, buildings have to be made smart so that energy for e.g. laundry machines is used when it is available. Only energy that cannot be used instantaneously in the household should be stored. Power peaks have be smoothened by the grid.

In the presentation the motivation for energy storage in buildings is explained, a review on applicable storage technology is given, a first approach for system sizing is presented.

Publication Date:  2010/11/16
Location of Publication:  SmartCoDe ECWS, Vienna
Keyword(s):  Renewable Energies; Energy Efficiency; Energy Management; Research/Education;