Building Simulation and Control

Author(s):  Dr. Gerhard Zucker;

Different tools for thermodynamic simulation of buildings are available today. By creating a model of the building envelope, room structure, window areas we gain information about the building behavior, i. e. time constants for temperature changes, dead times and so on. Adding the building systems to the model we can also simulate HVAC systems, heater, ventilation chillers and the like.

Thermodynamic simulation of buildings can be run in real-time, which allows us to take a look into the future. We can derive how a building will behave tomorrow, and test different control strategies without actually applying it to the building and its inhabitants.

The next step is to consider weather predictions: having an estimate on how temperature, humidity and sun radiation will be we can adjust the current control strategy to meet the given constraints, e. g. by starting to cool the building earlier in the morning, if a hot and sunny day lies ahead.

Publication Date:  2010/11/16
Location of Publication:  SmartCoDe ECWS, Vienna
Keyword(s):  Energy Efficiency; Energy Management; Research/Education;