An Architecture for Energy Management in Smart Appliances

Author(s):  Grimm, Christoph;

To achieve challenging requirements in reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, visions such as smart cities and smart buildings are propagated, in which use of energy is controlled and planned, combining methods such as smart metering, demand response management even in buildings and environments. To make such methods applicable, an appropriate communication infrastructure is required.

This paper proposes an integrated, microelectronic platform that offers a technological backbone for smart buildings and smart cities. The proposed platform is scalable, highly secure, and designed to fulfil requirements for System-in-Package integration which is a requirement for mass production of inexpensive and highly dependable components.

Publication Date:  2010/11/16
Location of Publication:  SmartCoDe ECWS, Vienna
Keyword(s):  Renewable Energies; Energy Efficiency; Energy Management; System Design; Analogue/Mixed Signal Design; Hardware Physical Design; Hardware Logic Design; R/F Microwave Design; Research/Education; SoC; SiP; ASIC;