Classification of Energy using Products / Local Energy Provider

The Classification of Energy using Products (EuPs) in the household / office area where appliances are grouped according to the nature of their service, their interfaces, and the leverage they offer regarding energy management was part of the theoretical foundation for energy management in the first project year. The figure on the left shows an overview of the classification derived in SmartCoDe. For example the “Virtually Storable Service” class contains all appliances which can act as virtual storages; typical representatives of this class are freezers or heating. If energy is cheap or abundant, these appliances can cool down, or respectively heat up a bit more than necessary such that they can stay off longer during more “costly” times, while still maintaining an acceptable service.

Another important class is “Schedulable Service”. An application of this class is for example  a washing machine whose service can be scheduled such that it runs during “cheap” times. For a full list of the derived classes please see figure above.

A similar classification has been developed for the so-called Local Energy Providers (LEPs), yielding four classes: “Energy Grid”, “Volatile Energy Provider”, “Local Energy Generator”, and “Energy Storage”.

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