The SmartCoDe storeroom is intended to hold documents which might be interesting for SmartCoDe partners but which are not actually SmartCoDe documents. Whatever you put here (please use directories to structure your uploads) is only visible to SmartCoDe partners, however ECN will not take over the responsibility for violated copyrights nor will ECN check for it. So please use this place in a sensible way.

To access our storeroom (Web DAV) please use the link:

    When using the access methods provided above you will be asked for your username and password. Please use your username / password from the SmartCoDe portal.

Relevant Information:

      Please note that write access is only possible via the first link using IE. Using this link you have read and write rights to the SmartCoDe directory, i.e. you can generate new directories, upload files, but also rename or delete directories or files. Please use the provided features in a responsible way.

ECN will not take over the responsibility for changed / lost data!

    If you have trouble uploading files into the storeroom please contact your coordinator.