Untersuchung des Deckungspotentials in dezentralen Clustern

Author(s):  Neumann, Peter;

The transition from fossil energy generation to energy generation on the basis of renewable resources brings with it significant problems due to the volatility of the renewable sources. From the technological  point of view, balancing the fluctuation of the generated energy within the overall grid is a most challenging task.
Especially when it comes to small-scale energy generation there is however the opportunity to solve the problems where they occur instead of relying on the overall grid to become an “endless” virtual energy buffer.
Based on the comparison of the output of small-scale wind and solar energy generation this report analyses the challenges that a “de-central energy cluster”, i.e. a group of (local) consumption and generation facilities, has to address to resolve the overall grid from peaks in the consumption as well as in the production curve.  An outlook is given to further  improvements and options for the case that the overall grid provides information and communication (ICT) measures for near-real time communication to the de-centralised cluster.

Publication Date:  2012/10/12
Location of Publication:  Kassel University
Keyword(s):  Renewable Energies; Energy Efficiency; Energy Management;