Partner: University of Novi Sad

University of Novi Sad

Faculty of Technical Sciences
University of Novi Sad
Trg Dostiteja Obradovica 6
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

University of Novi Sad
Contact Person: Veljko Malbasa

The University of Novi Sad, with over 40 thousand students and 3 thousand teaching and research staff, is the second largest state university in Serbia and the only public university in the province of Vojvodina. The largest one among its 14 faculties is the Faculty of Technical Science with 10 thousand students and the staff of about 400 teachers and researchers.
Department of Power, Electronics and Telecommunications (DPET) within the Faculty of Technical Sciences, educates engineers and researchers as well as generates new fundamental and applied knowledge in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering. With 40 Ph.D. researchers, 70 research and teaching assistants, and 60 Ph.D. students, DPET is involved in intensive scientific research, technology transfer and international cooperation. DPET researchers published over 700 research articles including 50 articles in the peer-reviewed international journals in the last 3 years.

DPET’s expertise includes power generation, distribution and management, wireless communications and wireless sensor and actuator networks, digital communications and computer networks, embedded and real-time systems, digital signal processing, industrial, power and microelectronics, and instrumentation and measurements.