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Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Infineon Technologies Austria AG
Development Centre Graz
Babenbergerstraße 10
8020 Graz

Infineon Technologies Austria AG
Contact Person: Thomas Herndl

Infineon Technologies Austria AG is a 100% subsidiary of Infineon Technology AG that is a worldwide acting company with over 25000 employees. In the mobile radio area, Infineon Technologies is the leading supplier of integrated circuits. Infineon Technologies Austria AG, based in Villach, is a semiconductor company with activities all over the world.
Infineon Technologies Austria develops and manufactures semiconductors and systems solutions for automotive and industrial electronics, applications in wireless communications and secure mobile solutions. 2650 employees based throughout Austria help to ensure that Infineon consistently sets the pace in the field of microelectronics. In Villach the specialists develop power electronics for the automotive and industrial sectors. In Graz Infineon operates a development centre with ~200 experts with focus on RFID, security processors, short range wireless transceiver, tire pressure monitoring systems and automotive power products development and design.
Due to direct access to a comprehensive technology base, which includes both a diversity of different semiconductor processes and (multi-chip) packaging solutions, Infineon has the power and know-how to significantly contribute to the anticipated challenging SmartCoDe heterogeneous chip integration and miniaturization targets.