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ennovatis GmbH

ennovatis GmbH
Dechwitzer Str. 11
04463 Großpösna
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ennovatis GmbH
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ennovatis was founded in the year 2000 as a spin off of the University of Stuttgart. ennovatis had a turnover of about 4 mio € and about 65 people working in the company.

The primary goal of the company is the development of cost effective tools to increase energy efficiency and comfort in buildings. It holds patents in intelligent metering and model based monitoring. Thus, ennovatis offers:
  • development of building specific and consistent optimisation concepts;
  • support in implementing the concepts; and
  • continuous quality control to meet energy demand most efficiently.

The ennovatis Energy Management approach includes eg.:
  • hardware to monitor, control and adjust consumption in the building
  • software to visualize consumption data in various contexts (intelligent monitoring), to evaluate the consumption in the frame of the whole building performance (rule based monitoring) and to determine demands for
    • heating,
    • cooling,
    • electricity
    • water consumption, etc
    in the frame of the concrete operating conditions of the building (model based monitoring).
  • Users are integrated into the whole process by eg. “Energieampel” concept.
  • Optimization of the whole lifecycle of a building or a community from an energetic point of view.

Products and Services

  • ennovatis Planning
  • ennovatis Controlling
  • ennovatis Smartbox
  • ennovatis Smart MUC
  • ennovatis Data Housing
  • ennovatis Online Web data Access
  • ennovatis Energy Management System Support
  • ennovatis Smart Energy Management System Components
  • ennovatis Energy Certificates (for Germany and Austria)