A Smartcard based approach for a secure energy management node architecture

Author(s):  Mahlknecht, Stefan; Damm, Markus; Grimm, Christoph;

Future buildings and neighborhoods are expected to combine a manifold of Energy using Products (“EuP”) ranging from electrical lighting to HVAC with locally available renewable energy sources and energy storages. Until now, advanced techniques for energy management are not yet applicable in an economically reasonable way in the smaller entities like in energy-positive buildings and neighborhoods. The EC FP7 project SmartCoDe is trying to enable a low cost application for demand side management and smart metering in private homes and small commercial buildings and neighborhoods. A new system architecture for secure wireless energy management nodes that specifically considers the requirements of Energy using Products in homes/offices is developed. The focus is the development of an inexpensive wireless System in Package (SiP) solution that allows to build up a fine grained infrastructure of wireless connected Energy using Products. The proposed architecture is a smartcard based solution which is scalable, highly secure, cheap and does not complicate node integration.

Publication Date:  2010/07/16
Location of Publication:  INDIN 2010, Osaka
Keyword(s):  Energy Efficiency; Energy Management; Security; Semiconductors; System Design; Research/Education; SiP;