Smart Control of Demand for Consumption and Supply to enable balanced, energy-positive buildings and neighbourhoods

Author(s):  Schmidt, Fritz; Dan Hildebrandt;

Dan Hildebrandt of SmartCoDe partner ennovatis presented the project's objectives at the Dublin Workshop initiated by the FP7 projects FIEMSER, EnPROVE, and EnergyWarden, objectives covered:

  • Raise energy awareness, enable the end user to minimize energy consumption
  • Reduce energy consumption in small buildings via intelligent and secure Energy Management
  • Reduce peaks in end-user energy consumption / supply curve
  • Enable an increasing share of renewable energy sources
  • Enable user-oriented trading facilities
  • Developing an inexpensive hardware/software solution to implement in existing energy consuming components with the ability to communicate and remotely control

Publication Date:  2010/06/08
Location of Publication:  Workshop on ICT for EE in Buildings, Dublin June 2010
Keyword(s):  Renewable Energies; Energy Efficiency; Energy Management; Security;