quietrevolution installs first demonstrator turbine for intelligent energy management research

Published: Fri, 2011/09/16
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(quietrevolution) Austria, Maria-Anzbach, 16.09.2011: quietrevolution, a leading UK manufacturer of vertical axis wind turbines, has completed instillation of its qr5 turbine outside Vienna, Austria. The turbine is part of the European SmartCoDe research project and will be demonstrating various energy management concepts in the coming year.
quietrevolution, is one of eight European members of SmartCoDe – SmartControl of Demand for Consumption and Supply, a three-year project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Program (FP7).
As part of its contribution to the project, quietrevolution is undertaking fundamental research into the understanding of the wind resource available for small wind applications. The aim is to provide energy forecasting between 10 minutes and 48 hours ahead.
According to Tamás Bertényi, Innovation and Research director at quietrevolution, “This knowledge is critical to making the best decisions on when and how to coordinate the local energy use with local energy production.”
SmartCoDe’s primary mission is to balance and reduce the energy consumption of small buildings and neighbourhoods and pave the way for energy-neutral/energy-positive local grids. The programme is unique in looking at demand side management issues. It is focused on how the local energy end user can maximise the benefit of local energy production and decentralised renewable energy sources, such as qietrevolution’s qr5 small wind turbine.
As part of the project, low-cost wireless nodes, implemented as highly-integrated microelectronic devices, are being designed. These SmartCoDe nodes use wireless mesh networking and will provide the central Energy Management Unit with the information needed to make decisions on use of locally produced energy.
Tamás Bertényi, added: “Coming up with the theory is one thing, but the SmartCoDe project will actually put these ideas into practice with this installation. This demonstrator will include typical local energy using devices (such as appliances, heating, and lighting) equipped with the SmartCoDe wireless nodes, together with this qr5 vertical-axis wind turbine as the local energy provider.”
Bertényi expects that two years of on-site testing will lead to implementation of new wind energy forecasting software, using the qr5 turbine. “We will know a lot more about our turbine’s effectiveness in maximising the site's energy use,” he said.
quietrevolution was recently named one of the fastest growing cleantech companies in Europe, winning fourth place in the Cleantech Connect League Table Awards 2010.

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