Partner: TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors

TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors

TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors GmbH & Co. KG
Theresienstrasse 2
D-74072 Heilbronn

Contact Person: Natalie Gutsch


TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors is a leader in advanced niche technologies and innovator of Analog and Mixed Signal Applications and interface industry segments with a world class manufacturing facility in Heilbronn, Germany. The TS Foundry Fab will have a 150 000 wafers/year capacity on 6inch wafers at the end of the year and with a fully qualified 8inch line on the roadmap in 2010.

TS Foundry offers World Class Foundry Services for RF, Power Management, High Voltage and High Temperature Automotive Applications with advanced, broad-ranging, niche and reliable technologies. Customers- large and small across the world are served with IP protected and sophisticated customization as well as standard, highly cost-effective solutions.

The technologies TS offers are advanced niche technologies:

SiGe is a bipolar technology that allows applications in high-speed cellular, high-speed networking, wireless LAN and high performance standard RF devices.

TSBCD is a Bipolar CMOS DMOS technology (BCD) on Bulk Silicon material. It is used for LAN Switches, amplifiers and Line Drivers.

TFSMART is a HV BCD technology on SOI and is used for automotive applications and Sensors for Power Management.

TSHSB is a complementary SOI Bipolar Process. It is used for typical applications for high speed amplifier, SLIC, xDSL and cable modems.

UHF6S is a Double- Poly Bipolar technology with an optional CMOS module enabling superior applications and Customer-Specific Solutions such as RF control and laser driver circuits for CD/DVD.

TS700V is a very high voltage BCDMOS technology which is used in the rapidly growing high voltage segment for consumer applications, such as electric vehicles, green energy, household electronics, etc.

TS offer complete modeling, characterization, CAD and WLR services.