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Q.met GmbH

Q.met GmbH
Washingtonstraße 75                                          
65189 Wiesbaden

Contact Person: Dominik Jung

The Q.met GmbH was founded in 1998 by Norman Gabler as wetterNET GmbH with its headquarters in Wiesbaden. The 14-member team is made up primarily of graduate meteorologists, database specialists and graphic artists.

Core business of Q.met GmbH is the manufacture, custom processing, and distribution of weather, climate and environmental information, including the provision of the necessary technology. Q.met focuses specifically on the development of visual and database-driven solutions for mobile weather presentation, print-based and online media.

Q.met created weather analysis and forecasts for business customers from a wide range of industries - from construction and agriculture to the leisure industry to logistics companies, insurers and operators of wind turbines. It turns Q.met the information in the required technology available for different platforms: the purpose of integrating the data into web pages, customer databases (CMS), SMS, phone service, applications for mobile devices, or as a graphic template for daily newspapers. Q.met operates its own weather B2C Internet portals. With the well-known brands and  Q.met recorded 20 million page views per month.

With its own editorial staff, consisting of graduate meteorologists and journalists, is Q.met in recent years become one of the major content producers and a leading provider of weather content.

Q.met core elements of the strategy are focused on media neutrality and standardization Database, the presentation Q.print technology and proprietary forecast model Q.mos, making it possible to weather information obtained almost automatically output in different formats and languages. Q.met shall have a technology that maps a nearly 100-percent digital value chain.